Next Step Challenge

Next Step Challenge is an ambitious accelerator and startup competition, with a 6 months professional business development program and a first prize of €250,000 with no equity taken. Startups in Next-Generation energy and digitalization can apply now to join Next Step Challenge in December


Startup City

The vision of Startup City is to be Aarhus’ epicenter of ambitious, growth-minded entrepreneurs. We are the place in town where the emphasis is on companies in the seed investment stage, where we weed out the unviable, and concentrate on the best business ideas.  



DARE2mansion is a Professional Playground that provides a new model for incubation and co-working for ambitious start-ups. The Mansion also rents out unique, fun and inspiring rooms in all shapes and sizes for corporate events and meetings. Check us out. We DARE you


Rainmaking Loft

Next generation co-working space delivering a 5-star service to our residents. Big enough to be a real community, and exclusively for scaleable tech startups. We are on a mission to bridge the best entrepreneurs with the most powerful investors and the world’s leading organisations


The Ground

When you gather more than forty people who think they will build products to change the world in one house you are either at an asylum or a startup co-working space. Building startups is hard, but it is way easier to do it with people you enjoy hanging out...



The creative hotspot for meetings between young entrepreneurs, venture capital, industry, commerce, research & innovation. We offer  business development, a creative environment and workspace, international contacts, a worldwide network and relevant coaching for entrepreneurs!



We are a team of people who dedicate ourselves to mastering the art and science of building new companies from scratch. Along the way we partner with individuals who will become co-founders. We are not an incubator, nor a venture capital firm. We are simply a company that creates companies.



We ensure funding and acceleration for early stage start-ups and work with dedication to make them successful. Our highly experienced team of investors, mentors and partners minimizes the risks of failure. We love fast-paced growth, technology and passionate entrepreneurs.


Sealand Capital

We invest in early-stage startups with scalable business models, disruptive technologies, kick-ass teams with integrity and high ambitions. We offer: capital, network, coaching, hands-on execution and administrativia. Incubator program offered for qualifying IoT start-ups